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The Suprapubic Lift


As in most body contouring procedures, the approach to the pubis depends upon the issues presented. For some women, a simple upward tightening is all that is necessary to improve the contour. In cases where the mons pubis is too fat, either direct excision or liposuction is a nice adjunct to improve the contour. This is called a suprapubic lift and can be performed in conjunction with a labiaplasty procedure or a tummy tuck procedure.  Liposuction alone of the mons pubis can be done if this area seems overly “poochy” and seems to lead to less postoperative swelling by theoretically leaving more lymphatic drainage intact.  Often Caesarean section (“C-section”) scars can lead to contour irregularity in the area and excision of the scar and/or fat grafting to the area can help produce a suprapubic lift.

The pubic area should be addressed when needed as part of a tummy tuck procedure. Most women requiring a tummy tuck do have some lax skin with some relative drooping. This can be addressed by tightening and repositioning of the mons. If there is an excessive amount of fat, this can be contoured either by direct removal of fat or with liposuction. Ultimately, there should be harmony between the appearance of the abdomen and the mons.

Dr. Walden performs all of the procedures and can help you restore the pubic area to a more youthful look. Please ask if this is an area of concern for you.