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Some very popular procedures today are Labiaplasty and external vaginal rejuvenation. Over the past few years, women of all ages have become more concerned with the appearance of their genitalia. The Internet has become a platform for women to research genital plastic surgery in the comfort of their homes. Being a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden understands the concerns women may have with this territory from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Women from all over search out Dr. Walden for these procedures for that exact reason.

The majority of patients interested in labiaplasty don’t want the labia minora hanging beyond the labia majora (outer lips of the vaginal area). Some aren’t comfortable wearing revealing clothing because of feeling bulky in pants or a bathing suit. Many are active athletes who complain of a rubbing discomfort when biking or running. An enlarged labia minora makes a lot of patients experience irritation or discomfort.

LABIA MINORA REDUCTION (Alter Wedge Labiaplasty)

Dr. Jennifer Walden can safely reduce the size of the labia minora using the latest techniques (read her expert interview with WebMD). Dr. Walden removes a vertical wedge of the labia minora tissue, resulting in a tiny, nearly invisible scar that does not run the complete length of the labia. Usually the prepuce/ clitoral hood is also u hanging down and needs to be trimmed in addition to provide a harmonious and esthetically pleasing result. You will need four to five days of low-level activity during the recovery period, and at least 2 to 3 weeks away from the gym. This surgery has a very high patient satisfaction rate.

“The Labia Monologues” is a blog written by a patient of Dr. Walden’s about this surgical procedure performed on her.


A lot of women report excess labia majora (outer lips of the vaginal area) as well as enlargement of the labia minor. Dr. Walden can surgically reduce the labia majora by removing inner tissue in an elliptical pattern, & hiding the scar along the natural transition between the labia minora & the majora. In some cases the labia majora just needs a little “plumping”. This is achieved by liposuctioning fat from one body part (usually the pubis or pubic area or inner thigh) and transferring to the labia majora using a blunt cannula.


Some women have excess skin or hooding along the top of the clitoris . This extra skin (the clitoral hood) can be removed; decreasing the bulkiness of the area.


Fatty tissue from the face, breasts and pubic area are lost as women age. Because so many women shave or wax this area, a lot are finding this wrinkling and loose skin to be less than welcome. The sagginess of the outer lips (labia majora) and mons pubis occurs because of this loss of fat. Some women even report that sex becomes uncomfortable because of the loss of fat along the pubic bone that created that natural padding.

A few women may prefer to treat this condition with temporary injectable fillers, but a more permanent option for filling this area is “micro fat grafting.” By removing fat cells from the lower abdomen, hips or lower back and injecting the skin of the mons pubis and labia majora; the fat fills the pelvic triangle, giving a much more youthful appearance.