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External Vaginoplasty


External vaginoplastyThe more common procedure of labiaplasty involves both cosmetic and functional problems with the elongated labia. In older women, especially those who have had children, they may also have problems with the vaginal opening having enlarged due to problems associated with deliveries including tearing of the posterior vagina before an episiotomy can be performed, or possibly post-episiotomy issues. These external vaginal procedure can be restorative for patients and also may involve external vaginal mucosal tags or other unsightly issues that are embarrassing or functionally compromising to a woman.

Please ask Dr. Walden if you believe you have any of these issues. She often combines external vaginal procedures with labiaplasty as the two often go hand-in-hand. Dr. Walden will be able to tell you more after she has performed a physical examination in the privacy of her Westlake/ Austin, Texas office. Dr. Walden operates in her own fully accredited operating room within her office suite, and her team is all female.  Dr. Walden also works closely with a female gynecologist should your issue need a referral and you can remain within Westlake Medical Center for such!