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Combination Surgical Labiaplasty with ThermiVa Vaginal Tightening


Below-the-belt procedures are becoming increasingly popular with the imagery in our modern day digital world, laser hair removal, and the Brazilian bikini wax. Looking great on the outside and feeling good on the inside can be accomplished, and you can look amazing in that bikini, skinny jeans, or yoga pants again with the expertise of Dr. Walden and her team!

Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to not only perform a surgical labiaplasty procedure in order to reduce the size of the labia minora or make them more symmetric, but can also perform ThermiVa radiofrequency for internal and external vaginal tightening at the same time in the operating room. Dr. Walden has teamed with some of the nation’s top labiaplasty surgeons on collecting information and scientific data on this method to produce a complete makeover of rejuvenation of the area with excellent results.  A combination procedure is a great new opportunity to get your “one stop shopping” done in regard to rejuvenating the vaginal area.

Please consult with Dr. Walden if you are interested in a combination treatment. Also, remember, the ThermiVa procedure can also be performed without anesthesia as a stand-alone procedure by our amazing aestheticians!

thermiva vaginal rejuvenation